Red Wine And A LCHF Diet

Red Wine And A LCHF Diet

Dry, Non Fortified Red wine has anecdotally been linked to a longer life, and reduced incidence of cancer and heart disease. It may well provide many other health benefits. And the good news is that it’s a perfect complement to a Low Carb High Fat Diet.

The Reason Red Wine And A LCHF Diet Can Work

Grapes are full of fructose. The amount can vary from each grape variety and from the time the grape is picked. The later picked, generally the higher sugar content. However, wine is the product of fermentation, and fermentation is the process where a yeast will turn the sugars in the grape into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The whole reason the wine has alcohol is that the sugar has been converted and used as fuel by the yeast. So the red wine we drink does not have much sugar, but the alcohol content of the wine has some calories, but these are generally thought to be burned up by the liver rather than converted to carbs for general body distribution. So a glass of good red should not ruin your LCHF diet.

Australian Red Wine and a LCHF Diet

Australian dry reds are among the best the world. This may be the result of the long dry summers in the best wine growing areas in our great country. The pleasing thing about this is that Australian meat and fish are also among the highest quality produce on the planet. So why not combine the two and consider a Low Carb High Fat Diet complimented by some low carb, good tasting Australian red wine. Even Doctors recommend it.